1.Greek salad 350gr – 7,90BGN   5

| tomatoes| cucumbers| fresh peppers| red onions| kalamata olives| feta cheese|

2. Fresh slightly salted buffalo cheese, pink tomato, grilled pepper, kalamata olives, red onions 350gr.  – 8,90BGN  1,5

3.Kish salad with grilled vegetables 400gr. –  10,60BGN   1,5

|peeled tomatoes|grilled vegetables|kalamata olives|breaded cheese|

|vegetable dressing|chili pepper|

4. Caesar salad 300gr. –  7,80BGN  1,4,5,6,12

 [fresh salad | bacon| cherry tomatoes| parmesan cheese| croutons| Caesar dressing|

     – With: Crispy chicken in addition 50gr. – 3,60BGN

     – Crispy squid and avocado 50gr. –  4,80BGN

5. Mix of salads with avocado and eggs 300gr. – 9,80 BGN 1,2,4

|mix of salads|baby spinach|avocado|cherry tomatoes|pine nuts|egg|

6. Tempura salad 250gr. –  8,90BGN 8

| mix of salads | cherry tomatoes| avocado | onions | lemon peel | parmesan cheese | lemon vinaigrette|

tempura |

7. Tabbouleh salad 300gr. 8,20BGN  1,12 

|bulgur| tomatoes| parsley| mint| green onions| lemon dressing|

8.Salad with Burrata with pink tomatoes and homemade pesto 300gr. 12,90BGN 2,5


1. Appetizers & Snacks 200gr.

With eggplant mousse 7,40BGN 1,10           With Tarama 5,90BGN    1,6

2. Marinated fish & Bruschetta 1,5,6

3. Squid in crispy breadcrumbs with yoghurt-garlic sauce 250gr. 14,80BGN 1,5,8,6,

4. Squid on a ceramic plate with curry sauce 250gr. 14,80BGN 1,6,8,10,12

5.Spicy tentacles of ocean squid 250gr. 13,90BGN 1,3,6,7,8,9,10

6.Octopus on a ceramic plate on a canape of sautéed vegetables 300gr. 28,90BGN 8

7. Black Sea mussels with white wine 700gr. 10,90BGN 6

|mussels | wine| green onions| butter|

8. Black Sea mussels with tomato salsa 700gr.- 10,90BGN 6

|mussels| tomato salsa| green onions| garlic| lovage|

9. Tiger prawns 250gr. 21,90BGN

10. Fried zucchini in yoghurt-garlic sauce 250gr. 8,00BGN

11. French fries made from young potatoes 200gr. 6,90BGN

12. Chicken sticks with cornflakes and yoghurt sauce 250gr. 8,90BGN 1,5,9

13. Cheese burger & French fries 450gr. 10,90BGN  1,2,4,5,9,10,11

|beef meat |bacon| cheddar|tartar sauce| fresh salad |barbecue sauce|

14. Breaded Camembert cheese with sliced almonds and strawberry jam

220gr. 12,80BGN 1,2,3,4,5,10

15. Buffalo cascaval & green figs and walnuts 200gr. 9,90BGN   2,5

16. Set of sausages and cheese 300gr. 16,90BGN  1,2,5,9

|combined kinds of sausages and cheese|


1.Chicken fillet & Mascarpone cheese 300gr. 9,80BGN  1,5

|arborio rice|truffle paste|parmesan cheese|

2.Porcini mushrooms 300gr. 11,80BGN 1,5

|arborio rice|green onions|thyme|butter|parmesan cheese|

3. Emperor’s rice & sea food 300gr. 14,90BGN  1,5,6,7,8

|sea food|green onions|parsley|parmesan cheese|



1. Aglio Olio Pepperoncino 300gr. 8,20BGN  1,4,5

|cherry tomatoes|chili pepper|garlic|basil|olive oil|parmesan cheese|

2.With Bolognese sauce 300gr. 9,80BGN 1,4,5,11

|beef ragout|tomato sauce|parmesan cheese|basil|

3.With Carbonara sauce 300gr. 9,40BGN 1,4,5

Bacon |onions | sour cream| egg| parmesan cheese|


1.Chicken fillet with French fries 350gr. 11,90 BGN 5,9

2. Sea bass fillet with asparagus and emperor’s rice 350gr. 22,90BGN 5,6,12

|emperor’s rice|asparagus|

3.Salmon filet cooked on a ceramic plate 300gr.  21,80BGN   6,9

| grilled vegetables |basmati rice|

4. Slowly roasted pork knuckle 500gr. 17,90BGN 1,5,9,11

| baked potato |gravy sauce|

5.Pork ribs & BBQ sauce with French fries 300gr. 14,80BGN  14

6. Juicy pork steak served with mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese and asparagus 

380gr. 18,90BGN 1,5,9,11

7. Beef meatballs with fresh salad 250gr. 9,20BGN 1,9

8.Beef tongue with retro mustard mousse, fried onions and dark sauce 

250gr. 11,90BGN1,5,9,12

9.T-bone steak with baked potato and grilled corn 600gr. 29,90BGN 9



1. French fries 150gr.–3,90BGN               5. Grilles vegetables 150gr.-4,50BGN      

2. Fresh salad 150gr.- 3,80BGN               6. Grilled corn 150gr.-3,90BGN               

3.Emperor’s rice 150gr.–4,80BGN            7. Green asparagus 0.75gr.-5,80BGN      

4. Basmati rice 150gr. – 4,60BGN


1. Biscuit cake with mascarpone cheese and Nutella 

180gr. 6,30BGN  1,2,4,5

2. Cheesecake with green figs jam

180gr.6,90BGN 1,2,4,5

3. Chocolate cake with liquid centre and vanilla ice cream

180gr. 5,80BGN 1,2,4,5

4. Carrot cake with gentle mascarpone cream with white chocolate 

                                   180gr. 5.90BGN 1,2,4,5

5. Mille-feuilles   150gr. 8,60BGN.1,2,4,5

                                                | Puff pastry | mascarpone cheese cream |strawberries| vanilla ice cream|


  1. Cereals containing gluten
  2. Different types of nuts and products made of nuts
  3. Peanuts and products made of them
  4. Eggs and eggs produced products
  5. Milk and dairy products / lactose
  6. Fish and fish products
  7. Crustaceans and products made of them
  8. Molluscs and products made of them
  9. Soya and soya products
  10. Sesame and products made of sesame

11.Celery and celery containing products 

12.Mustard and mustard containing products 

13.Lupine and products made of it 

  1. Sulphur dioxide or sulphites with a concentration above 10 mg./